Revamping my personal site

Revamping my personal site


Initially, my website ( was a simple vue application where almost everything was hardcoded. I didn't take advantage of Vue at all.

But recently I revamped my site and some of the major changes I made are

  • Migrated To Gridsome - I used Gridsome which is a static site generator for Vue. Doing this had many benefits like
    • SEO Friendly site
    • Easier to integrate with content management systems
    • Faster Site
  • Using a CMS - I started using Contentful as a CMS to manage content easily.
  • PWA - Because PWAs are cool!

Tech Stack

  • Gridsome - I have used gridsome as the main framework.
  • Contentful - I have used Contentful as the CMS for this site.
  • Vue Js - Well this is obvious by the fact that I'm using Gridsome.
  • Vuetify - I have used Vuetify as the UI framework.
  • Gitalk - I used gitalk as a commenting system for my posts.

Things I Learnt

This was my first time working with a Static Site Generator. And I totally loved the experience and plan to use Gridsome in my future projects as well.<br>

This was my first time using an external CMS as well. I really liked how a CMS can make things organized.


I would really like to hear some feedback about this site.